The Best Enzyme Cleaner For Drains (2022) – Comparison & Guide

There are a lot of different factors to consider when purchasing Enzyme Cleaner For Drains. However, the research process can be made significantly easier by narrowing down your options to a specific model. In this article, we will be focusing on the Best Enzyme Cleaner For Drains.

We will go over its different features and compare them to other market models. By the end of this article, you should have a good idea of whether or not the Enzyme Cleaner For Drains is the right car for you.

Overview Chart For Best Enzyme Cleaner For Drains

Top 10 Best Enzyme Cleaner For Drains

SaleBestseller No. 1
Green Gobbler Enzyme Drain Cleaner | Controls Foul Odors & Breaks Down Grease, Paper, Fat & Oil in Sewer Lines, Septic Tanks & Grease Traps | 1 Gallon
  • RAPID DEGRADATION TECHNOLOGY. Green Gobbler Enzyme Drain Cleaner degrades fats, oils, greases, starches, proteins, cellulose, sludge, and other food waste. Enzymes are a safer alternative to sodium hydroxide and other caustic chemicals.
  • REDUCE PUMP-OUT FREQUENCY. Enzyme Drain Cleaner reduces the frequency of costly septic tank pump outs when used regularly. Increases the efficacy of grease traps by allowing bacteria to work more effectively.
  • TARGETS FOG, EVEN AS pH DECREASES. Green Gobbler Enzyme Drain Cleaner aids in the biological breakdown of organic material inside of drains and tanks. Promotes separation of water phase from FOG phase, thanks to de-emulsifying surfactant.
  • ULTRA-FAST ODOR ELIMINATION. Green Gobbler Enzyme Drain Cleaner eliminates odors associated with drain lines, lift stations, sewers, septic tanks, leach fields, cesspools, grease traps, and grease interceptors.
  • GUARANTEED, OR YOUR MONEY BACK. Green Gobbler’s conscious creations are safer, stronger, and more effective than caustic chemicals. 30-day money back guarantee. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Bestseller No. 2
AmazonCommercial Multi-Purpose Enzyme Cleaner, Mint, 1 Gallon, 128 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
  • 1 gallon bottle of multi-purpose enzyme cleaning solution for a wide variety of surfaces and environments – use on carpets, furniture, hardwood, tile, drains, liter boxes, garbage cans, RVs and more
  • Breaks up complex organic proteins, pet smells and stains, grease, oils, and more for effective results
  • Powerful enzymatic formula removes stains and odors deep in the carpet
  • Attack grease, fats and other organic matter that cause slow drains and unpleasant odors - not a hazardous, caustic drain opener effective on bathroom clogs from hair
  • Non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-acidic, and non-caustic with a fresh mint scent
Bestseller No. 3
Natural Elements Enzyme Drain Cleaner | Digest Grease, Fats, and Paper Buildup in Drains, Septic Tanks, Grease Traps, Pipes (1 Gallon)
  • 🪠 ADVANCED ENZYME FORMULA- Attacks Fat, organic waste, oil, paper, hair, and grease. Use in kitchen and bathroom sinks, shower and floor drains, toilets, septic systems, commercial sinks and grease trap systems. Safe for home use or commercial applications, eco-friendly and biodegradable formula.
  • 🪠 HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ODOR REDUCTION- Works within Hours of Application- Excellent for garbage disposals and odor producing floor drains.
  • 🪠 OPEN DRAINS, REDUCE BUILDUP- This product eliminates the grease, hair, soap scum, food, and organic waste found in your pipes, allowing them to flow freely.
  • 🪠 SAFE FOR ALL PIPES and PLUMBING FIXTURES- Does not produce heat, boiling, fumes or corrosion that occur with drain products with harmful chemicals
  • 🪠 EXCELLENT MAINTENANCE PRODUCT- Reduces the need for future rotary drain cleaning, septic pump outs, reduces grease trap pumpouts, and maintenance. This product can be highly effective for problem plumbing, grease traps, septic systems, and drain fields, reducing buildup and allowing the system to go back to its original working order.
  • Please note, this is not to be expected as an instant clog remover, but as a maintenance product opening and maintaining pipes and systems over time. Progress can be seen after the first treatment, the system will need maintenance treatments for the product and enzymes to reach their maximum effectiveness.
Bestseller No. 4
Biokleen Bac-Out Enzymatic Drain Cleaner - 32 Ounce (2 Pack) - Enzyme Prevents Clogs, Eco-Friendly, Live Enzyme-Producing Cultures and Plant Extracts, No Artificial Fragrance or Preservatives
  • PREVENTS DRAIN CLOGS AND ELIMINATES ODORS: Bac-Out Drain Care prevents clogs, and eliminates tough odors. Its gel coating action thoroughly coats pipes to treat slow drains
  • KEEPS PETS AND KIDS IN MIND: Bac-Out Drain Care leaves no harsh fumes or residue, just cleaner pipes and less odor.
  • BIO-ACTIVE FORMULA: A unique blend of live enzyme cultures breakdown and absorb organic material. It's a more natural way to remove buildup and stinky odors.
  • PLANT-BASED PRODUCT: Bac-Out uses a plant-based, eco-friendly solution with no artificial fragrances or dyes. Our products never contain phosphates, chlorine, ammonia, or brighteners.
  • NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS AND MADE IN THE USA: Biokleen products are never tested on animals, use biodegradable ingredients and are proudly manufactured in America
Bestseller No. 5
SANI 360° Sani Sticks Drain Cleaner and Deodorizer, Enzyme Pipe Cleaners, Eliminate Odors, Prevent Clogged Drains, Safe for Sinks, Bathtub Drains, Septic Tanks, 24 Count, Lime Honey
  • POWERFUL DRAIN-CLEANER, ODOR-ELIMINATOR STICKS: Sani Sticks are formulated with a powerful blend of enzymes to help prevent clogged drains and eliminate embarrassing odors in kitchen, bathroom, and laundry utility sinks. Sani Sticks are safe to use on all drains, plumbing, and septic tanks.
  • EASY MONTHLY DRAIN MAINTENANCE FOR DRAIN ODORS: Drop 1 Sani Stick a month in the drain (depending on the frequency of drain use) to keep drain pipes clean and water flowing and odor-free. Each Sani Stick continuously releases a super-concentrated blend of powerful natural enzymes over time that will eliminate drain odors and dissolve food, grease, and organic materials.
  • CONCENTRATED-ENZYME DRAIN CLEANER: Sani Sticks drain cleaners and deodorizers are ideal for home and commercial use. Each of the sticks rests in the pipe trap, releasing enzymes to break down oil and other drain buildup from food, soap, and body wash that gets stuck and causes foul odor inside the drain.
  • SAFE TO USE IN ALL DRAINS: Sani Sticks fresh unscented odor-eliminating sink-cleaner sticks only use enzymes to clean, so they’re safe for use in all drains, from the bathroom to the kitchen. Keep your drains safer and smelling fresher with this drain and odor-remover monthly treatment. Sani Sticks are available in many fresh scents, including lemon, lavender, lime honey, orange, pine, apple cinnamon, oak moss, and forest snow.
  • KEEP WATER FLOWING STRONG & DRAINS ODOR-FREE: Save time and money by avoiding extra plumber visits with this effective drain-cleaner odor eliminator. Instead of wrangling with drain snakes, simply insert 1 stick a month into each of your drains to prevent water buildup and keep your drains smelling fresh.
Bestseller No. 6
Instant Power Commercial Drain Maintainer - Liquid Enzyme Clog Remover, Cleans and Deodorizes, Reduces Drain Blockages, 1 Gal
  • CLEANS AND DEODORIZES: Bad odors in your kitchens and restrooms could indicate that your drain system is clogged; Instant Power clogged drain cleaner removes blockages, clears odor-causing build-up
  • EFFECTIVE CLOG REMOVER: Our clog remover uses enzymes to breakdown and rinse away grease, food particles, and other materials that get stuck in your drainage over time
  • REDUCES COST: Our drain clog remover reduces drain blockage emergencies that disrupt business operations and minimizes the need for frequent grease trap pumping
  • NO HARSH CHEMICALS: Instant Power Enzyme Drain Cleaner does not use harmful acids and caustic ingredients; It contains powerful enzymes that clear clogs but is safe on your pipes and drainage
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Our environmentally friendly formula will digest fats, oils, and greases along with other organic waste that accumulate in drains and grease traps
  • Reduces fat, oil & grease build-up in drains
  • Reduces grease trap pumping
  • Eliminates odors
  • Environmentally friendly contents
  • Treats kitchen and restroom drains, plus grease traps
Bestseller No. 7
Adios! Enzyme Drain Cleaner for Kitchen Sinks, Deodorizes Smells, Safe for Pipes and Septics (Gallon)
  • ENZYME FORMULA - Say goodbye to harsh and dangerous chemicals with Adios! Drain Cleaner. Our powerful enzyme formula quickly works to eliminate grease, fats and organic material trapped in pipes. Restore your drains safely and naturally!
  • CUTS THROUGH BUILD UP - Breaks down and removes sink fats, grease, food, waste and organic material that clog and slow down kitchen drains. Potent formula works on the cellular level to clear out pipe build up!
  • ELIMINATES FOUL ODORS - Say goodbye to stinky and smelly sinks! Adios Drain Cleaner removes bad smells at the source, flushing out the system and bringing peace of mind to you and your nose again.
  • 100% SAFE - Enzyme formula is absolutely safe to use and store around kids, pets and adults! No harsh chemicals also means our cleaner is septic safe and won't harm metal, plastic or flex pipe.
  • TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS - We are an American manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in supplying quality home goods for retailers. Adios! is our line-up of quality home products without the big store price tag. Say goodbye to hard work with Adios!
Bestseller No. 8
Adios! Enzyme Septic Tank Treatment, Natural Drain Safe Cleaner for Septics, Pipes and Drain Fields - Quart (32 oz)
  • TREATS ENTIRE SEPTIC - Full of powerful enzymes, our bioactive formula restores tanks and pipes by breaking down fats, greases and trapped organic matter that degrade your septic tank, piping and drain fields.
  • STOPS ODORS - Say goodbye to stinky drains and bathrooms! Our septic treatment breaks down and flushes out bad smells at the source, bringing peace of mind to you and your nose again.
  • PREVENTS CLOGS - Our active enzymes work 24/7 even after treatment, to prevent clogs in kitchen sinks, toilets, shower drains and bath tubs. One treatment a month will keep you and your septic system happy.
  • SAFE NATURAL ENZYMES - 100% non-toxic formula is safe to use around kids and pets. Absolutely no VOCs, caustic chemicals or need for gloves. Safe for both plastic and metal piping too!
  • TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS - We are an American manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in supplying quality home goods for retailers. Adios! is our line-up of quality home products without the big store price tag. Say goodbye to hard work with Adios!
Bestseller No. 9
Bosh Chemical Enzyme Drain Cleaner | Attacks Grease, Fats, and Paper Buildup in Drains, Septic Tanks, Grease Traps, Pipes | Odor Control (1 Gallon)
  • 🪠 Unrivalled Power: Harness the formidable strength of Bosh Chemical's Enzyme Drain Cleaner, uniquely designed to combat and degrade stubborn fat, oil, paper, and grease deposits. This makes it an essential solution for commercial kitchens, waste water plants, food processing plants and more - ensuring unblocked and smooth-running systems.
  • 🪠 Exceptional Concentration: Experience top-notch potency in commercial applications. Be it drains, pipe buildup, wet wells, septic systems, grease traps, interceptors, or even commercial kitchens - our drain cleaner works tirelessly to provide you with optimal results, boosting the efficiency of your operations.
  • 🪠 Remarkable Odor Control: Say goodbye to unpleasant scents! Our enzyme drain cleaner not only unclogs but also remarkably reduces foul odors, providing a more sanitary and pleasant environment. It's the breath of fresh air your facilities need.
  • 🪠 Scientifically Proven: Trust in a product that's backed by science. Our Enzyme Drain Cleaner has undergone rigorous testing and validation to ensure its superior performance. With Bosh Chemical, you're choosing a product that's scientifically endorsed.
  • 🪠 Eco-friendly and Safe: We care for your safety and our planet. Bosh Chemical's Enzyme Drain Cleaner is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic, making it a responsible choice for businesses. Clean your drains powerfully without compromising the health of your staff or the environment.
Bestseller No. 10
Harris Eco-Friendly Enzyme Drain Cleaner and Clog Remover, 40 Treatments
  • 40 Treatments - With 18oz providing up to 40 treatments, Harris Enzyme Drain Cleaner is an excellent value
  • Removes Years of Buildup - Eco-Friendly and biodegradable enzymes go to work to remove buildup and foul odors, making slow drains fast again
  • Safe for All Plumbing - No harsh chemicals used! Enzymes digest buildup without causing harm. Safe for all plumbing including PVC, brass, copper, chrome, and gold plated fixtures
  • Environmentally Friendly - The biodegradable blend is safe for residential, commercial and industrial applications and won't harm the environment
  • Prevents Future Clogs - Treat drains once a month to remove buildup and help to prevent slow or clogged drains

Noticeable Factors Before Buying Enzyme Cleaner For Drains

There are a few reasons why it’s essential to read a buying guide before purchasing. First, a buying guide can help you learn about a product before buying it. This can be especially helpful if you’re considering a big purchase. Reading a buying guide can help you narrow down your options and choose the best product for your needs.

Second, a buying guide can help you compare products. If you’re trying to decide between two similar products, a buying guide can help you see the differences and decide. Third, a buying guide can help you find the best deals. If you know what you’re looking for, you can use a buying guide to find the retailers offering the best prices on that product.

Finally, a buying guide can save you time. If you take the time to read a buying guide before you start shopping, you’ll be able to narrow down your options and know what to look for when you’re at the store. This can save you from spending hours browsing through products that you’re not interested in.

Overall, reading a buying guide before you make a purchase can save you time and money. It’s an essential step in the shopping process that shouldn’t be overlooked.

When you are looking to buy a Enzyme Cleaner For Drains, you should keep a few things in mind. First, you should consider what you need the Enzyme Cleaner For Drainsfor. This will help you narrow down your options and find the right product for your needs

. Next, you should think about your budget. This will help you find a Enzyme Cleaner For Drainsthat fits your price range. Finally, it would help if you read reviews of the Enzyme Cleaner For Drainsyou are interested in. This will help you learn about the quality of the Enzyme Cleaner For Drainsand what others think about it

.When purchasing any Enzyme Cleaner For Drains, it is essential to consider a few factors to make the best decision for your needs. Here are a few tips to help you buy the right Enzyme Cleaner For Drains:

1. Define your needs: Before shopping for any Enzyme Cleaner For Drains, it is essential to take a step back and evaluate what you need the Enzyme Cleaner For Drainsfor. This will help you narrow down your choices and find the best Enzyme Cleaner For Drainsfor your needs.

2. Research your options: Once you know what you need, it is time to start researching your options. Read reviews, compare prices, and look for any features that are important to you.

3. Compare prices: When you have a few products in mind, it is time to start comparing prices. Make sure to compare apples to apples, and don’t forget to factor in shipping costs.

4. Functionality: What do you need the Enzyme Cleaner For Drainsto do? Make sure the Enzyme Cleaner For Drainsyou are considering meets your needs.

5. Quality: What is the quality of the Enzyme Cleaner For Drains? Make sure to read reviews to get an idea of what others think of the Enzyme Cleaner For Drains.

6. Brand: Do you have a preference for a particular brand? Consider the brands you trust and look for Enzyme Cleaner For Drainsthat meet your standards.

7. Features: What features are you looking for? Make sure the Enzyme Cleaner For Drainsyou choose has the features you want.

8. Warranty: Do you want a warranty? Make sure the manufacturer’s warranty covers the product you purchase.

9. Returns: What is the return policy? If you are not satisfied with the product, it is essential to know the return policy before making your purchase.

10. Ask for recommendations: If you are still having trouble making a decision, ask your friends or family for their recommendations. Someone you know has already purchased a similar product and can give you their honest opinion.

11. Read the fine print: Once you have finally made your decision, read the fine print before making your purchase. This includes the product’s warranty, return policy, and other important information.

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